My Proposal

24/10/2013 09:59

The project that me and my partner chose is to make a game. How cool is that. When mine and my partners game is finished we will be presenting this game infront of students and teachers from our school and teachers from different schools. I wanted to make a game because I want to learn how other people who make the game websites make the actual game that we play. Another thing is because when I'm bored sometimes at home I go on the laptop and start playing games. In fact when I can make my own game and that's what I am doing now. Well I expect to learn many things like how you can make a game, how you can make the characters, how you can make it move ( controls), lastly how to actually make the game work. At the end of this year I will be showing the game me and my partner made. Well we won't need any kind of expenses involving gaming because it's all free so we really won't have to worry about it. The equipment we will get that from scratch and make our game from their as well. There will be no due date for this project but the teacher will assign a date to present our projects to the audience.