Genius Hour

Genius Hour Questions Jan 10, 2014

10/01/2014 09:30
1) What are your thoughts on the genius hour celebration? I think it was a really great way sharing our genius hour because some of the parents that came yesterday did not know what flash was and so we gave them some imformation about flash and they really liked it. 2) How did you feel about it? I...

Genius Hour Questions Jan 7, 2014

07/01/2014 09:47
 1) What if we got to put our flash online during christmas break so people could see it and maybe would of downloaded flash on there computers other people who aren't in infotech or don't know about flash they would of known after though.   2) I picked to flash because once i heard...

Genius Hour Jan 6, 2014

06/01/2014 10:23
Today for Genius Hour we barely did anything because we are basically done our Genius Hour project we just got the first frame and copied it and pasted it to add more so now she does the same moves over and over again. Now it actually looks good we also added a snowflake background so it isnt as...

Genius Hour Dec 19,2013

19/12/2013 10:36
Today we finished the flash making the Mrs.Santa Claus dance that part is finally done. The next part bis when we put the background in and cut some snowflakes out in photoshop and make the snowflakes move in the background. So the background looks like it is snowing in the back.

Genius Hour Dec 18, 2013

18/12/2013 10:31
Today we basically did the same thing we did yesterday today we moved Mrs Claus around and make it fancy. While we were doing that the persons hand and head got messed up so we were trying to fix that and it worked a bit so next class we will be finishing that and putting on the background so it's...

Genius Hour Dec 17, 2013

17/12/2013 10:24
Today for Genius Hour we were fixing the hand and that took along time putting it in place and making it move. Then after when i was doing that my partner said that she wants to do it and then when she started doing it I went on her computer and started looking for backgrounds. Like the backgrounds...

Genius Hour Dec 16, 2013

16/12/2013 09:36
Today we learned how to delete the layer and then make another layer. After that we started putting the hand in place and making it move how it is suppose to be. We are just finishing that off and after that is finished we will be correcting or adding more things to it like we will probabkly add a...

Genius Hour Dec 13, 2013

13/12/2013 10:26
Today for genius hour we were making our mrs.claus dance and for the face we put our teachers face on it. We started making it dance like move it's hand, and head around. We have alos added music to it so it will play in the background. Next class wew will be making it go in circles and countinue...

Genius Hour Dec 6,2013

06/12/2013 10:34
Today for Genius Hour we barely did anything because at the beginning of class our teacher was talking to us so we really didn't get much time. Then we were done that went on google images and trying to get a santa claus's body for the face of our teacher. That took us basically the entire class to...

Genius Hour Nov 29, 2013

29/11/2013 10:31
Today's Genius Hour we imported our pictures to flash then made ourselves dance that part was really funny. Then after we tried to make our entire body to shift to the other side and that was a really big fail. We got help from our teacher the most and that really helped us out. but then our...
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