Final Project Assessment

16/01/2014 09:53
  PhotoShop best work is the postcard we made because I actually tried really hard on that picture to make it good as possible and i really liked it because it actually looks real. It also bleneds in with all of the other picture and this was my favourite one as...


14/01/2014 09:37
This is trello that i'm going to be telling you all about. Trello is an organizer that some people use to make there writing organized and to put there writing in the right place. In this picture it has 4 catagories that this person is going to write about. If you mess up and put something in the...

My Final Photoshop Project

04/12/2013 10:34

Night Lighting

13/11/2013 10:11
For this picture i learned how to use filters and in filters I clicked render then different clouds and it was blue. That part was really cool. Then I learned how to adjust the image and turn it into invert. For this picture the only thing I learned was filters for this picture.


12/11/2013 10:41
I learned how to make space by going on the different types of menu bars. For this picture I had lot's of trouble figuring it out but at the end I finally got it and it was kind of really funny beacuse I messed up so many times.

Photoshop Clouds with refracting sunlight

05/11/2013 10:40
I learned how to use render and in that by changing the brightness and lens flare. when I was finished that this is how it turned out to be. So it has a relection of the sun and the sky, clouds

Photoshop Fountain

05/11/2013 10:19
In this picture while I was working on it I learned many things. I learned how to change the texture and how to check out all the other artistics. Another thing is that I learned what filter is for as well. Also when you go in filter i had to go in filter gallery to get different types of brushes...

photoshop Laurel and Hardie

05/11/2013 09:56
In this picture I learned how to use mask. If you use mask and you color the what you want too it will select everything you colored. As you can see i just colored the background and the t-shirt and the skin color. This picture first was black and white but now it is a colored picture now.

Photoshop Monument Fix

05/11/2013 09:30
In this picture I learned how to color the statues and how to select the things I would want to color. This picture was not this color I put color in because it was dull and the statues were dirty so I colored it green.

Photoshop Leafs

04/11/2013 10:41
I learned how to color in the leaves and do adjustments on the picture. Thats about it and then I just repeated the other coloring things.
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