Preparing For Student Led Conferences

10/10/2013 09:49


1) I basically got 100% in everything but not the Document sharing.

2) I was really proud of my prezi I did on technology.

3) I always listen in class and don't disturb other people while they work.



1) When the teacher tells us something and I really didn't really get what she said I always go head by my self and do it on my own and then ask the teacher later if it's right.

2) I always finish my assignments on time and publish it on my website.

3) I help others if they ask me for help right away.

4) I always try my best and never give up.


Areas that I can improve

1) I can try my best in putting more effert in my all my work.

2) I can try to ask the teacher for more help if needed.

3) If I don't have any work left or I'm done all my work I should go ask the teacher if I could work ahead.

4) I could pay more attention when the teacher is talking and not get distracted by something else.



1) At the end of the semester I would learn everything about this coarse to pass this information on.

2) I hope I could get 100% in this class by adding more info in all my articles i wrote.

3) I would also like to learn how to make a game.

4) I hope at the end of this coarse I am a fast typer.

Document sharing

26/09/2013 10:38

The Document sharing is really good to communicate with people that are on their own computers. The Meeting Words, Sync in, TitanPad, Pirate Pad programs are basically the same they have the same opitions and same features. The Primary Pad is just a little different because I don't think you can invite your friends to that program. But the ones that I did were prett cool but it was basically the same as the others that we were supposed to go on that the teacher assigned us. That's about it about the document sharing. I really liked it though.

Live feed on the internet

24/09/2013 10:26

My opinion on live cameras are that it doesn't have much privacy for example(s)

These links are 


24/09/2013 10:08

What I think about pinterest

I think Pinterest is really good becasue you can look up anything in the search bar thing. You can also follow the person who put the picture up and see more information about it by clicking see more info. It is really cool and I love going on it. It shows you many different things. If you are interested in looking at pinterest you may click the highlighted word pinterest and the website will just show up.


20/09/2013 10:11

My opinion on automation for the house technology is that I think it is good that you have automated technology and its bad. The good part is that if you are tired or sick and can't really get up and turn the lights,TV and etc. You can just click the button on your phone and if you forgot to turn something off like straightener,stove and anything else and you aren't home you could just go on your phone and turn it off it's that easy. The bad thing is that some people start getting lazy and don't wanna do anything. So I think there are good things and bad things about the automation system.






11/09/2013 10:18

I think yes we should be able to get free music, movies to watch on the internet because there are some people in the world that can't afford to buy music, movies on the internet. The singers or actors who took out the song or movie already get their money. They also might get money from the concert so why not getting the movies and songs for free. Imagine you had to pay for the movie or song you wanted to listen, watch and you didn't have money. What would you have done never listen to song or watch movies. Well that's not fair and so that person would never be able to listen to the song or watch the movie so I really think it should be even and fair for everyone so they can listen to the song or watch their favorite movie. This is what I think about this.


06/09/2013 19:02

I would like to learn how to get rid of viruses and how the viruses get in your computer. I would also like to learn the short cuts on the computer so it would make it easy for me. Another thing is that I would love to learn is how to photoshop becasue it is a form of art. 


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