06/09/2013 10:09

                              Portrait Illustrator maker



 The portrait illustrator program had lots of features that you could of added to your avatar. The part I disliked was it was way too descriptive I hope it was a little less. But the rest of the program was really good.

                                                                            Doppel Me


The Doobleme program was actually pretty good because it wasn’t much descriptive, but it wasn’t good either because it didn’t have many things that you would need to put on the avatar that you would like. It was a simple avatar site, it also didnt have many features.


                                                  Planet Creation








The Planet creation program was actually not that good because it didn't have much to add to your avatar. So you really couldn't make it look like yourself that was the good part. I really didn't like how it only had the face and you really couldn't choose your background. But the people who like making it like thereselves they really can't make it because it doesn't have many features so that is good.




 The Rasterboy program had everything that you needed to put on the avatar. It had many types of features as well. The part I didn,t like was the expressions because you relly couldn't pick what you wanted the expressions to be.



 The pickaface program was pretty interesting because it asked you if u wanted the body or you didn't want to add the body. Well there are no bad things about this webside that I could tell you. This program was my favourite one.




 This website wasn't really detailed with features. But it had many things that I liked about it like it had many types of hair. But it really didn't ask if you wanted to create a boy or girl I just hoped that it did because so whoever was making a avatar wouldn't of got confused.