14/01/2014 09:37

This is trello that i'm going to be telling you all about. Trello is an organizer that some people use to make there writing organized and to put there writing in the right place. In this picture it has 4 catagories that this person is going to write about. If you mess up and put something in the wrong place don't worry about that because you can just pick it up and place it in the right catagory.









In this picture that I took it shows you add member this means if your doing a project or planning a party you could always add members and then do it together to make it easier for you to do your project or plan things.




As you can see this picture it says activity. In this catagory it has different types of features like you can add pictures and many other to make your life easier.





















If you need more tabs for the topic like if you have more than 3 topics that you need to write about you could always click add a list so your never short of tabs.



This trello wesite is availible on Ipads,Ipods so if your not infront of your computer and you remembered something and you need to add something to it you really don't have to worry to go get your computer cause it is on your ipad life makes it way easier to have an Ipad.





These are filter cards and they could make it easier for you bacause if you added a member to chat with you they color of there ideas would be different from yours and that would make it easier for you so you don't get confused.











Under the menu bar you could see many different categories that could be added in to your ideas that you write and I think it would make it easier for you like if its someones birthday you could go to stickers and add a birthday cake or something that makes you think of a birthday so you don't forget to wish them happy birthday. If you only wrote happy birthday I don't think that you would remember without a sticker.









You could also share this link with others so they could see your stuff and maybe write on it as well.







 You could also add checklist's how cool. So whenever your done one thing that you have put in your checklist you could check it off and be like yess in done my first thing off the list now I have 3 more to do and you won't forget doing it because you have it saved in your account and you will always see it when you log in.