Preparing For Student Led Conferences

10/10/2013 09:49


1) I basically got 100% in everything but not the Document sharing.

2) I was really proud of my prezi I did on technology.

3) I always listen in class and don't disturb other people while they work.



1) When the teacher tells us something and I really didn't really get what she said I always go head by my self and do it on my own and then ask the teacher later if it's right.

2) I always finish my assignments on time and publish it on my website.

3) I help others if they ask me for help right away.

4) I always try my best and never give up.


Areas that I can improve

1) I can try my best in putting more effert in my all my work.

2) I can try to ask the teacher for more help if needed.

3) If I don't have any work left or I'm done all my work I should go ask the teacher if I could work ahead.

4) I could pay more attention when the teacher is talking and not get distracted by something else.



1) At the end of the semester I would learn everything about this coarse to pass this information on.

2) I hope I could get 100% in this class by adding more info in all my articles i wrote.

3) I would also like to learn how to make a game.

4) I hope at the end of this coarse I am a fast typer.