Genius Hour Questions Jan 7, 2014

07/01/2014 09:47

 1) What if we got to put our flash online during christmas break so people could see it and maybe would of downloaded flash on there computers other people who aren't in infotech or don't know about flash they would of known after though.

2) I picked to flash because once i heard about it I was like it sound cool and fun might as well try it out and because it is new.
3) I learned alot about flash by going on the flash website that our teacher gave us to go on to look at different things. Also by asking the teacher to help us when we got stuck or had any questions.
4) I am a genius in flash because now i know how to use it and if someone asks me how do do this I can tell then step by step so they learn it too. I think being a genius means that now you know how do it and your a expert at that thing. I don't think a genius means that you know everything now because you really don't know everything.
5) Genius Hour could of been better if we had more time doing doing it in class like around 2 hours each day would of been better because you could of got more done in class I think the rest was really good that we had and you can't make it any better than that.
6) I really didn't like genius hour becasue I thought it was boring and I really didnt enjoy it. But the good part that I liked about genius hour was that I learned something atleast about flash and can use that information in the future when I will need it.