Genius Hour Questions Jan 10, 2014

10/01/2014 09:30

1) What are your thoughts on the genius hour celebration?

I think it was a really great way sharing our genius hour because some of the parents that came yesterday did not know what flash was and so we gave them some imformation about flash and they really liked it.

2) How did you feel about it?

I feel really good because it was fun showing what we did in genius hour and what we learned from it.

3) How can it improve?

It could been improved if the parents had more time because some parents really didn't get to go to everyone that had done a genius hour.

4) Did it help you? 

Yes it did help us alot because while we were presenting the genius hour lot's of different parents had different questions and now we know what kind of questions they had and how more we can do on computers.

5) Any other thoughts?

If we have info tech one semester we should have 2 presentaions because if there are 2 things that we wanna learn we can do one first and then the second one on the next presentation.