Final Project Assessment

16/01/2014 09:53


PhotoShop best work is the postcard we made because I actually tried really hard on that picture to make it good as possible and i really liked it because it actually looks real. It also bleneds in with all of the other picture and this was my favourite one as well.







I chose this picture to be the worst Photoshop picture that I did because as you can see the statues that I had to recolor the statues and this picture took me so long to just recolor them I probably deleted the picture once and re did it probably 2-4 times just because the whole parts of the statues wouldn't get colored like you can see in the picture there are still some parts left to color and I just got frustrated and stopped and did as much as I could get done.











This is my flash that I made in flash. This is my best flash project because it was easy to get the moves in because there were only 3 layers for this flash project. So when I was doing this i only had to move the head around to make it move and I only had to make the hand move as well. This is my best one because when it dances it looks funny and it was fun and easy to do.










This is our worst flash that we have done because the parts of our boy went missing while we were trying to make them move and put them in the right spot. Also the worst part was that there were way too many layers in the flash and we use to get confused and whenever we use to insert a key frame it would never of worked and all the time that teacher would come and help us so we stopped doing this on eand started to create the one on the above.




This avatar that I made along time ago is my worst avatar. The reason why I'm saying it is because when we were making the avatars it really didn't have much detail in the website that we could add on to the avatars. Also it didn't have many features to it either. The last reason is because it shows the entire body and i would rather get the one with out the body like only the face because if you make the avatar look exactly like you the people who look at it they would know who it is basically.







This is my favourite avatar because this only shows the face of the avatar not the entire body. This website also had many features and details to this avatar. You could of also changed the background and it also had a selection that if you are a boy you can select a boy and if your a girl you can select a girl as your avatar. This one was a cool website to make avatars.



This was my favourite document sharing website called meeting words. This is why because it clearly says everything on the sides and gives you instructions about it. We could also invite friends to it like if you are doing a project or you plan something you can invite them to this. It also highlights the words in different colors so you know who is righting in that color.






This is Primary pad I really didn't like this program because it was kind of confusing and I really couldn't find where you could add your freinds in to the convo. When someone wrote something like one of my friends only the highlighted words came in and not the initials of the person's so it is kind of hard to know who it is.








This is my animoto that I have done. I would say that this is my worst project because I really didn't try hard and really didn't put much effort into this slide. Also I really just picked random pictures really didn't care what would go to it.



Copy of puppies




This is my slidespeech that I did for the final photoshop project that we did in class and I would say this is my best one because I tried my best and I actually put my effort in to this work and this also shows all the work I did and learned. I also learned how slide speech works and how to use it. So in the future I could use this program to do a presentation.





This is my genius hour that i have done for genius hour. It took a lot of effort and time to put this together because when we use to insert a key frame the hand would always go on the other side and this took me alot of time to do. If I would do this again I would probably understand it a bit more and probably get it done quicker as well.